Sun Chen Fatt Enterprise

Sun Chen Fatt work is to meet customer’s demand and need by providing the best solution in terms of structural , Ironmongery & Renovation works. Sun Chen Fatt provide best products and professional services in this market. We’re often setting new standards for reliability, with services, products and systems for customers. In addition, we’ll tell you about the design, materials, as well as our capabilities. Now, we are growing stronger and we are moving towards improvements in terms of products and services. But, most importantly, we want prove to you that we are able to provide you the best service and lead you towards the completion of your Dream home’s structural works. We provide custom made design Ironmongery that suits the decorations of your house based on your taste and favourite colours. As we are specialized in wrought iron industry, we provide various ranges of finishing, such as Elegance Series, Antique Series (gold, silver, copper), as well as Romantic Series (pearl gold or pearl silver colour). For your information, our team has more than 20 years in this related field. With our experiences, we were able to provide you good consultation services and we will service you from to time when you needed. If you have any enquiries regarding such matter, we are more then happy to assist you. Do give us a call.


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  • Phone: 60378457886