KHK Deco Sdn Bhd

KHK decoration & renovation establish in 1995 at the Seremban, N.Sembilan. KHK as a metal foundry specialist in Aluminium & Glass. Our core mission is to be the top provider of aluminum and glass for better lifestyle to our clients. Our clients spans various sectors ranging from Government, Manufacturing, Construction, Development, Housing, Defence, Educational, Institute, Banking and many more. To serve our customers Effectively, KHK has organized itself into specific teams to deliver customized service and solutions for our clients wide region. KHK provide best quality in all kind of aluminum products. Customization in projects is also OFFERED for the customer to specify the design of are solely for order. All projects will be handed seriously by our team of Expertise. We Promise ordered all the projects will be finalized in Timely schedule


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  • Phone: 6066324460