How to care for Glass furniture

Posted on 19 Mar 2014
Glass furniture is currently the forefront of contemporary home design, and can add a surprising amount of modern character to your home. The obvious disadvantage of glass furniture is that it’s a lot more delicate and fragile than the typical wood pieces.

There are a few tips to ensuring the longevity of your glass furniture and ensuring you have a piece that is a solid investment, rather than something that’s going to explode in fragments of glass every time you put your coffee mug on it.


First of all, when buying glass, make sure you buy quality. Try and avoid second-hand furniture that is predominantly glass, unless you can be sure it has been inspected properly. Over time the glass can become weakened from impacts or misuse, and without knowing the history of the piece you cannot guarantee the quality. When buying new make sure you buy from a reputable trader that issues a warranty or guarantee with their products. Delivery is important too, as you need to make sure that the furniture is going to get to you in one piece without compromising the structure of the glass.When you’ve found a piece you love, and it’s made it to you in one piece you want to try and keep it that way. Try and keep it somewhere that it’s not going to get constantly knocked, or is at risk of getting physically damaged.

There are a few things you can do to help maintain the look of your new furniture. Use cork coasters to protect your table from damage, and place soft fabric doilies under anything that’s going to be permanently on the table, such as flowerpots or ornaments.When cleaning the glass make sure you only use clean cloths to prevent scratching, and a mild detergent mixed with water makes a good glass cleaner. Buffer with a clean, dry soft cloth to bring out a shine.

If you do end up chipping the glass, it’s pretty easy to fix yourself, as long as the damage isn’t too severe. You can purchase glass repair kits from most DIY shops, and it’s important that you do try and fill in any chips to try and keep the furniture structurally sound. Epoxy is also great for filling in chips, ensure you follow all instructions carefully and keep out of direct sunlight when finished to avoid discoloration of the repair.
As long as you ensure you buy quality and take precautions to protect it then there is no reason why your contemporary glass furniture shouldn’t last a lifetime.