How to transform your room with simple changes

Posted on 19 Mar 2014
When we own a home, we want it to look perfect. Whether it’s for our own satisfaction or for our guest, the decor has to be “spot on.” There are several different living room design styles available. Some of them require an acquired taste for certain brands. However, there are simple changes that can be just as beneficial.

If you’re struggling to choose the right living room design styles, here are a few helpful pointers:

#1 Dressing up the Walls with Fabric
A unique approach to designing a living room is dressing up the walls with fabric. However, you must have the proper measurements of any wall you decide to decorate. They should account for the space from the ceiling to the top of the baseboard.There are different techniques that can be used for using wall fabric as decoration. Some living room design styles will look better with the shirred fabric technique. Other styles will work better with rod shirring. The choice is yours, but wall fabric is definitely a good place to start.

#2 Adding Modern Appeal
Most homeowners want to update their living room design styles. Adding a fireplace is a costly venture, but updating one can change the entire room. If you’re dealing with a traditional fireplace, it is probably layered with brick. One way to spruce this is up is by utilizing stucco. Stucco is a texture of sorts that will bring forth a modern day appeal.

A fireplace is just one example. There are several ways to modernize your walls, picture frames, furniture, rugs, or anything else in the living room. Modern living room design styles are always a popular choice amongst consumers.

#3 Consider Your Painting Style
Another option is providing your living room with a new paint job. You can keep things simple with solid colors, or you can make the perception of the room look bigger or smaller. For instance; adding vertical lines to your paint job makes the room look taller. If you add horizontal lines, the room will look bigger.In the end, providing new living room design styles will be a creative task. All you need is a theme, a little knowledge around designing a living room, and some time to make it happen. When the project is complete, it will feel like a huge accomplishment. Then it will be time to show the room off to friends and family.