How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Posted on 19 Mar 2014
Many workers are now flexible working between office and home, or working completely from home. If you work from home either part time or full time, a home office space is a really important space because it will be where you spend a lot of time during the day and perhaps during the evening.  Here are some simple tips to create the perfect home office space.

Desk Space and Position
Your desk is your most important piece of work furniture, so choose it widely. Check what space you need and you are comfortable with. Consider what you have on your desk. It could be everything including a phone, light, broadband hub, router, fan, papers, stationery, pens, keyboard, printer and computer. Or it could just have main items for your work. What you have on your desk will be the deciding factor for the size of your desk space so make sure you are realistic about what you put on your desk besides your computer screen and keyboard or laptop and buy an appropriate sized desk. Having a good sized desk for your needs will also help with your daily organization. Ensure that your desk is located in the right spot in your office and check where the sun comes into as you don’t want to be roasting at your desk in summer. If you have a lot of sunshine in warm weather then consider black-out blinds for your office to regulate the amount of heat that is let into your office and keeps it comfortable. If your office gets too hot then buy the equipment necessary to keep it cool including air conditioning units, fans and dehumidifiers. Similarly if your office gets too cold then get adequate heating.

Think about the color scheme that you use in your office space very carefully. Some colors will invoke different moods, energies and reactions. If you need  to have a creative mood and environment, choose colors such as pinks and purples to stimulate the imagination. For concentration, cool and neutral tones are excellent. You can add bolder and accented colors for added mood enhancers such as yellow for optimism, red for energy and green for balance.  Avoid completely cool colors such as blues and green as this may be overly relaxing.


Organization is absolutely crucial in a home office space. As in any office, you will have a limited amount of space to contain papers, documents, office equipment, computers and books. You will also need to store documents or papers safely and securely and also have items close to hand that you use on a regular basis. There are many organization units and solutions designed for homes generally or offices specifically. Keep in mind what you use on a regular basis and have these items and documents located near to your desk space within easy reach. For anything that can be stored and accessed occasionally, store these away in cupboards and drawers and have secure, locked storage space for confidential documents and papers. Use hanging files to create more storage space for papers. There are many modern and clever organization storage designs available to suit every office requirement. You can also assess the range of storage you need and tailor storage to suit what you have in your office such as books, papers, equipment and files. Always declutter regularly so that you keep on top of papers and documents and bin any that you don’t use. I usually have a rule that if I don’t use or look at something for six months, it is binned! This helps me to stay on top of collecting stuff that I don’t use or need. If you have a lot of publications or papers generally, then use magazine racks that can be labelled and slotted neatly into shelving.Lighting

Lighting is very important, especially if you are burning the midnight oil. Make sure you have adequate lighting at all times. Natural daylight is the best form of light to work in so try and let in as much as you can. If your home office is dark and doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you can boost the light with ceiling lights or with an angle-poise desk lamp that you can reposition and change. Also implement dimmer switches so that you can regulate the amount of light depending on the amount of natural light in your office during the day. Avoid glare on your desk or computer screen and position you computer screen, lights and lamps to avoid this.
A Personal and Comfortable Space 

A home office space should be a joy to work in and somewhere that you feel you can spend a lot of time working and concentrating. You may prefer a practical, functional and stark home office space, or you may like to surround yourself with inspirational items and personal items that are close to your heart. I prefer my home office space to be as inspirational and familiar as possible. Having spent years in bland and impersonal corporate offices, my home office space is as personal and comfortable as it can be! I surround myself with favorite objects, paintings and prints and photographs. I have a lovely Persian rug on the floor and white furniture and shelving that lifts the ambiance of the room.