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A house without furniture is bare and ugly. Just as a body needs clothing, a house requires basic pieces of furniture to make it presentable and comfortable. Just as it is with clothing, there are trends on how to dress up your house using modern furniture.

Furniture is no longer viewed as functional pieces to make living bearable in your house; it is also being used to create a bit of that ultimate style in the home. There are those basic essentials, which never go out of style, and some fun modern pieces which add spice and color to the house which also act as an avenue for you to express your personality.
The following are the trending directions in household furniture this season:

1.Green furniture
All the awareness campaigns on global warming, its effects, and how we are all culprits, are finally working and more and more people are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint in every area of life, including the furniture they decorate their house with.
Eco friendly furniture is those which are made from more sustainable materials that are believed to be better for the environment than the traditional wood. They are usually elegant pieces which not only beautify your house, but allow you to go to bed knowing that there is that much less damage to the environment as a result of your decision not to use the traditional wood.
The only problem with these pieces is that because the materials used to make them are expensive, their manufacturers are usually forced to transfer the expense to the final consumer, meaning higher prices are charged for them. If you can afford it, you are highly encouraged to go for them!

2. Minimalist pieces
Less is more when it comes to furniture according to the recent trends. Minimalist pieces are created using a sleek, elegant design. They are meant to stand alone in a room and draw attention to themselves. These pieces are usually made of hard, composite material such as plastic and are made of bold, solid colors. They tend to be expensive, not really because of anything but the fact that they are considered fashionable.

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3. The lounge couch
This long L-shaped couch has hit the market with a bang, and it appears to be here to stay. Usually designed with bold colors and decorated with plenty of cushions, it is a perfect place for a large group of friends to hang out and enjoy each other’s company. It is quickly becoming an essential element of any get together.

4. Exciting colors
The traditional hues of brown and other earthy colors previously preferred for furniture pieces are quickly being replaced by bolder, more vivid colors. More and more people are going for furniture pieces with which they can make a bold statement. Tangerine, as a color is quickly becoming the new red, being preferred for many furniture pieces.

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Despite the preference for vivid colors, white and black are still timeless colors for furniture pieces, which grace many living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

5. Beds with storage space
These are no longer the preserve of children’s rooms. With the ever-increasing need for greater storage space in smaller rooms, the master bedroom is now adopting beds with storage space. Manufacturers have discovered this and are creating such types of beds with elegant designs that still retain the look and feel of a master bedroom.

6. Better mattresses
Hotels started offering a heavenly experience by upgrading their mattresses to high density, comfortable ones and people are quickly adopting this to their homes to enjoy the comfort every day. Streamlined mattresses and pillows are in because not only are they comfortable, they are good for the back.

7. Writing desks
With the advent of PCs and laptops, more and more people are working from home. Having a simple writing desk allows you to create your own home office easily. The desk does not take up much space, and if conveniently placed in a room away from plenty of distractions and with good lighting, you can perfectly achieve the feel of an office space to get you working.