What is wallpapering?

Posted on 19 Mar 2014
It doesn’t matter if you are decorating a new home or improving on your current home decoration, wallpapering is a trendy way to add depth to your living space. Undoubtedly, paint is the world’s most popular wall treatment as it is widely available and smart play of colors can draw attention to or away from objects or accents within a room. But, what’s about wallpaper?

The well known host of talk show – Oprah Winfrey has previously announced on her TV show that “wallpaper is back” and Time Magazine has called wallpaper a “hip”, I believe that everyone see the brilliant effects of wallpapering can have in every space of a home. However, there are often apprehensive due to the common perceptions cultivated in people’s mind on wallpapering such as high costs involved, more maintenance required and isn’t long lasting. Do you really think in this way?